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Best digital marketing trainer in delhi prashant chauhan

How to Find the Best Digital Marketing Trainer?

Digital marketing has been an outstanding skill for any individual to create a sounding career around it. When it comes to learning the art of digital marketing we go to google and search for the best places to learn digital marketing in Delhi or your nearby area. 

My name is Prashant Chauhan I’m a Digital Marketing Trainer based in Delhi India, with 7 years of experience in the field of creative and paid advertising, worked with more than 200 clients globally and I am here to explain to you what are the things you should consider when searching for Best Digital marketing Tainer or institute in Delhi India! 

What to Expect from a Best Digital Marketing Trainer? 

I have mentioned the skills below which are essential for digital marketing trainers to provide quality training to their trainees. One must lookout for the details to get knowledgeable guidance under his expertise.

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Digital marketing is a skill that is visible and anyone can see the work you have done. An experienced digital marketing trainer with hands-on skills can guide you with the tips and tricks to rank your website on google, create ads with the highest click-through rate, use the best resources to speed up the process of creative designing for advertising, or use the best free tools to save your money and time to do more productive work.


A digital marketing trainer should have excellent commands over listed skills; 

  • Digital marketing strategy for businesses 
  • Excellent creative design thinking 
  • User experience & Research 
  • Master the advertising dashboards based on Google, Facebook, and LinkedIn 
  • Website Creation using CMS & Landing page creation 
  • Search Engine Optimization [on page & Off Page] 
  • Email Marketing with drip campaigns and automation 
  • Command over different digital marketing tools; SEM Rush, Ahref, Hootsuite, Brand 24, etc…
  • Communication and soft skills. 

Personal Branding 

While you are learning from a digital marketing expert then you should consider his/her personal brand as well. The only way you can learn the art of social media is to showcase how is your profile on social media channels. You must check how your trainer is on any of these social media channels, and choose to learn from him only if you are satisfied that his profile is worth your expectations.

Digital marketing comes under the elite section of the IT sector and the best platform for personal branding is Linkedin. So even if you are starting fresh make sure you create an attractive and active profile on LinkedIn as well.

Check out Digital marketing trainer & Expert Prashant Chauhan’s LinkedIn profile & Connect for professional branding and digital marketing training work.

Teaching Style 

We all have experienced the boring lectures at our schools, colleges, or universities, and seriously no one is willing to experience those classes again. While I was a student I spent 1000’s hours learning courses from Coursera, Udemy, Youtube, personal coaches, and so many more places but trust me finding the right energetic trainer/mentor is really tough. 

I always knew what I really don’t need to become. And that was the kind of trainer who bores you to death. If you look at the review I have received from people they will always talk about the energy that I put into the sessions. 

Thank God I succeeded to become the mentor I always wished for! XD: 

So make sure that you check out the videos of your trainer or take the demos in the first place and see if he is tuned with your expectations because if you two are not in the same sync then things will end badly without any productivity. 


I have witnessed trainers in the industry who are remarkable in their teaching styles and are very famous that everybody wants to get in touch with them. Everyone wants him to get his project done by him or his team. 

And then things get very busy for that trainer. Which in turn will end up you learning from an associate. So make sure the trainer you are opting for is the same who is going to take your practice sessions too. 

But there is one problem also when you search for the best digital marketing trainers in Delhi you will land up the same kind of person who will be handling multiple batches and will also be working with clients as well, because of the good optimization of their website. So it will be pretty hard to locate time for newcomers to the industry. So make sure you get it confirmed that he or she is going to be available for you till the last sessions. 

Personal Sessions or Recorded Classes 

Now if in case you are also among those learners who have seen multiple success journeys on youtube or Instagram and you thought a person who has represented his/her extraordinary profile on these platforms is the one who is going to make you rich by their secret recipes to be the best digital marketing expert in the industry. 

Then, come back to reality. Listen digital marketing is all about marketing people, brands, services, or any information in the best possible way. 

And the profile and advertisements you have seen are advertised to look like a perfect role model for you. 

And there is no doubt that they have achieved what they are showing, but problem is that what they have done they can not share with you exactly or it will not work similarly for you. 

Because they are so busy with their money-making machine they can not make you learn things practically. And tell me honestly how many times you have completed the online course from udemy or any platform?

How many times you have followed the footsteps of any program that you have completed in recent days? 

Don’t worry there is nothing wrong with that, human is a social animal and we love to socialize we learn in a live environment. So if you are willing to learn any skill make sure that you learn it under the real supervision of your guru. Not just random recorded series. 

So if you are willing to learn digital marketing from an expert make sure that you choose a live online or offline program in which you can learn with a real-time problem-solving approach. 

So How Does Your Personal Digital Marketing Trainer Help you? 

Well, there is no doubt that if you have live projects/portfolio of work and a good hands-on experience with your skills anyone would be willing to hire you. 

The best trainer for digital marketing will be the person who will take you through the journey of the roughest and tough situations of advertising. 

There were days when I was head trainer at NIIT, many people came to me and asked Prashant “what would I learn when it is available everywhere on the internet.”
Think of it in this way, who will be the person approaching you for their work? Most probably someone who has very less budget to spend on advertising and expects good leads with the help of organic methods. 

Now if you have learned the skills of digital marketing from any institution you will know that you need to do the SEO and run ads for that person. But hold on if this could be the solution then that business owner can also do it for himself! 

With businesses working in such a competitive environment it is not easy to rank the website organically. Only the trainer who has done these challenging tasks can only teach you to create a strategy for small businesses to get desired results. 

Here are the things you will expect from the best digital marketing trainer in your industry! He will make you good with;

  • Auditing businesses with a SWAT analysis 
  • Marketing Research & Planning
  • Budget allocation for projects
  • Strategizing business funnels for optimum results 
  • Proper competitive analysis and approach 
  • Hands-on approach to digital branding 
  • Online reputation management 
  • Running the most effective performance bases results
  • Tracking data from different sources 
  • Using automation tools to be highly productive 
  • Hiring people to work different work to reduce the time gap 
  • Creating graphics for online advertisements
  • Live affiliate marketing setup for a long time earning
  • Managing the projects with deadlines
  • How to be productive with your team 
  • Handling youtube dashboards
  • Creating a strong freelance profile on platforms 
  • Creating attractive Resume for jobs
  • Creative attractive proposal for businesses 
  • Preparing for pitches 
  • Starting the agency business
  • And training you the ethics of the business 

These are the few things that I have shared with you. Once you enter the job you face all of these things on a daily basis. And then you have no clue how to handle pressure or how to manage the project because you were learning the SEO, SEM, SMM only! 

So here I wanted to conclude to you that a good digital marketing trainer will always teach you the reality of the advertising media not only the basics of all the platforms which you can learn anyway for free! 

(wait for a while I have shared the free digital marketing learning resources with you too!)

What Are the Top Digital Marketing Skills to Learn? 

Hey, Prashant as a trainer what do you suggest are the top digital marketing skills to learn?  While you are learning digital marketing make sure you focus on these skills as a priority; 

WordPress Website Development 

You must know how to create a website and using CMS like wordpress will ease your work. WordPress has been used by 43% of users in the world. Being very fast and easy this platform gives you the freedom to create websites for any business very fast. 

Search Engine Optimization 

When you have a website or blog you must rank it on different search engines. Ranking your content on any search engine is called search engine optimization. 

Your digital marketing trainer must teach you the skills required to rank your blog by on-page techniques (keyword research, competitor analysis, linking the website with different social media and google platforms, meta updates, and more). 

Off-page activities play a vital role to give your website the backlinks and strength to rank on the web. 

Social Media Marketing 

Branding and engagement are crucial parts of any brand’s success. And it is defined by how many people are interacting with your business online. 

Businesses try to talk to their customers with many different social media platforms to know their interests, by influencing and molding them into your customer. 

To become good at social media marketing one must know the art of graphic creation, and a little bit of video editing with different tools like; canva, premiere pro, filmora, after effects, and some animation platforms. 


Believe me, data is the #gem and if you know how to play with the data you can do much better as a marketer. Business analysts and data scientists are among the highest-paid people on earth. 

So you can imagine how important data management is. And as a digital marketing expert, you must know how to collect data from different sources. To name a few;

  • Google analytics 
  • Facebook pixel
  • LinkedIn Insight tag 
  • And third-party tools to manage the data. 

Paid Ads Expert

If you ask me Prashant what is the most sought-after skill in digital marketing? My friend paid marketing expert is the highest paying person among all short of marketing skills. 

Inside paid marketing, there are several platforms on which you need to run ads, generate brand awareness for your clients, lead generation, app installation, and increase sales for e-commerce platforms. 

And all of the above activities require a lot of budgets to handle and with that comes a lot of responsibilities. There is one new term coined as Performance Marketing these days. Which is the term used under the umbrella of digital marketing’s paid wing. 

So make sure you practice a lot to handle the budget for clients and maintain the paid marketing consistency. And at the end, the most crucial type of paid marketing is remarketing/retargeting. 

Landing Page Creation 

In my journey as a digital marketing expert, I have encountered that people demand dedicated landing pages for their products. And these dedicated pages are called landing pages. 

It is proven that products with landing pages have 70% more conversions than the usual ones. You can take the example of the iPhone 13. 

When Apple launches their latest product they make sure to illustrate that properly on the landing page and keep all the calls to action optimized. 

So for e-commerce purposes, landing page creation is the most crucial step for any business. And you must practice creating landing pages for businesses. 

Email Marketing Automation 

Email marketing has always been the backbone of professional communication. People tend to trust mail more than normal text messages. In today’s world even people always believe in the wordings sent via email. 

For a very long time email has been part of our daily communication life, and now the advancement into this field can give you extra wings to excel in this skill. Let’s talk further what are the things you must learn. 

As a digital marketing mentor I always guide students to learn 2-3 platforms like; Mail chimp, Getresponse, Convert kit, etc… 

If you ask me what should I practice here? So my friend you should learn to 

  • Draft the email, 
  • write engaging copies, 
  • make email lists, 
  • create responsive ads, and 
  • most importantly create drip campaigns. 

Well, there are more things to add to the list but as a fresher in digital marketing, you must possess these skills and the same knowledge as I have mentioned above. 

How to get a high-paying digital marketing job?

Now here is the question! Prashant if I learn all these skills then will I be able to secure a good job in the industry. The answer is yes! Why not? Listen I have seen so many people getting lucrative job offers after focusing more on their personal branding. 

The only thing which is required in the digital marketing industry is results. If you are working with all the above points on your mind then you will definitely get clients in the process. And for those clients, you can prove your strength by applying the learnings. 

So if you have real-time results of a brand’s presence with the help of SEO implementation or if you have generated sales for your client with the help of paid advertising or if you have managed their social media marketing then you are good to go as a marketer. 

And, any hr wants productive people around not anyone just showing their strength but at the disposal, it is blank and fake promises. So as a digital marketing trainer I always suggest my trainees to focus on the below points; 

  1. Create a website for yourself
  2. Optimize it as a client for you
  3. Make an awesome social media presence 
  4. Learn graphic designing and video editing 
  5. Make your real-time portfolio 
  6. Do the research on the company you applied for before the interview
  7. Be good at technical terms (like; CTC, CTR, Bounce Rate, and more…) 
  8. Focus on your English speaking skills (It is always an edge over the competition)

That’s it. If you have these things ready you are going to get clients, jobs, or anything you dream about. And live a life of ultimate satisfaction. 

Can I start Freelance after Learning these skills? 

Yes, of course, you should. So many students ask me Prashant sir, will I be able to make money after learning these skills? I simply say tell me why not! Because you possess all those skills which are in demand. And you are helping businesses with their problems so why will they not pay you. 

You may not know but the reality is that there are more startups than fully-grown companies in the current world. And these startups are planning to scale themselves but the only problem they have is the money constraint. So always looking for freelancers to help them with small tricky tasks.  

You as a freelancer can reach out to many startups and offer them your services as a part of your learning and experience. Once you become fluent with your skills you can simply set up your digital marketing agency targeted to any segment of the market and make good revenue within 2 years of time span. 

The only thing which is required as a freelancer is a system. System to set up the transparency, system to make things work. And honesty towards the work you are focusing on. 

The only suggestion is to build a relationship with your client.

 Because they will be successful with or without you 🙂 and you make sure that you are in touch with them for more in-depth and deep work to be very good at handling global projects. 

Why Prashant Chauhan For Digital Marketing Training/Mentoring? 

With 7+ years in this digital marketing industry, I opened two startups and learned advertising, business management, client handling, providing excellence, and still in the process of learning.

Because I believe the day you stop learning is the last day of your life. That is the only reason I always keep learning skills required to excel in the digital marketing domain. 

I have a very good track record of training practical things on digital marketing. There were days when I was ranking top of google search results as “Prashant Chauhan – Digital marketing trainer and expert” but now it is obsolete because in my learning journey I accidentally lost Google my business ranking. 

Well, I believe life is continuous learning, and now I know what you should not do when approaching clients, creating SEO ranking, creating a website in wordpress, which is the best and fastest theme, which platform is superb for graphic designing, and so much more with my 1000’s of experiments which I tried on myself. 

If you look at my LinkedIn profile you will get to know that I have an extensive experience in the field of digital marketing, where I have worked with different organizations, startups, and training portals including, digiperform, shubh e-learning, great learning, imarticus are just a name few. You can check the about section of my website to know more about my experiences. 

If you ask me about my strengths and majors then I’m in love with creative designing. When we run ads on platforms the only thing which keep you in focus and generate good results are only two things creative graphic and creative ad copy (content of advertisement) 

I love connecting with people with different dreams and ideas!

This one thing made me a digital marketing trainer. You know when you try 1o things you realize which one is that skill that gives you goosebumps and strength to follow throughout your life. 

For me, this has always been connecting with new people on daily basis. Honestly, digital marketing trainer prashant chauhan is the name I always think about. And this is the time when you realize that you want to contribute and earn a name for your skills and experiences. I have earned a name in the industry of advertisement but now it’s the time to earn the fame. 

I provide training with my utmost will and passion. That is why I encourage people to learn digital marketing with me because I want to bring change, make digital marketing a standard and bring foreign investment to Indian talent. 

I always encourage people to learn practical skills of digital marketing not theoretical, because, in the end, you need to provide real-life solutions. 

More than a Digital marketing expert Be yourself! 

Listen it will always be difficult to think about digital marketing as a profession and very confusing to choose the best trainer in Delhi because there are a lot of talented people.

So what you should do instead?

Well, you should be the kind of person you are getting inspiration from. My friend real digital marketing is what you are doing right now.

You are reading this blog means somebody’s SEO and you are doing your research. If you are willing to learn the skills then start writing blogs and you will learn blogging, SEO, content writing, and creative advertising. 

So let’s do this my way I’m going to share places to learn digital marketing for free! Here is another best article from my side which will inspire you to start learning this amazing skill and rank yourself to the top! 

And here I’m ending this article on how you can choose the best digital marketing trainer in Delhi to learn the reality of advertising. 

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