How to create a website on for free

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Create a website for free on 

Step 1. Go to 

Open and click get started 

Step 2 Create an Account in wordpress

Step 3 – Choose a domain name

Step 4 – Start with free hosting from wordpress 

Step 5 – Start building your website

Step 6 – Choose Start from Scratch

Sep 7 – You will reach out to your website window

Step 8 –  Fill all the details 

Step 9 – Save settings and click my home on the dashboard.

Step 10 – Launch your site

Step 11 – Choose your free Hosting again 

Or you will get an option to skip the purchase.

Step 12 – Now check your website 

Step 13 – Now choose a theme for your website

Step 14 – Choose your theme and activate it 

Step 15 – Activate and switch your website to the current theme

Step 16 – Customize your website

Step 17 – update your website details 

Logo, title, favicon, menu, and more

Step 18 – Create a Page in WordPress

Any website consists of many pages like; about us, contact us, services, blog, portfolio, etc. To create a page on your wordpress website follow the below process. 

Go to the dashboard of your website (my site) > pages > add new page > choose a template as per the page > select and activate. 

Step 19 – Edit your page

Create pages – about us, contact us, blog, portfolio, etc. 

Step 20 – Launch your final site

And you are done with the wordpress website creation.

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