How to Reset WordPress Website with WP Reset Plugin

how to reset your wordpress website

To reset your wordpress website can be a tough task because it may cause some overlapping with previous themes. So here in this blog, I’m going to explain to you the step-by-step process to reset your WordPress website using one of the best plugins “wp reset”

Step 1. Go to the dashboard of your website

In order to make changes to your website, you need to log in inside your wordpress website dashboard.

Write down your website URL with wp-admin 


Put your user name and password and log in 

Step 2. Go to plugins & Add a new plugin

To install wp reset plugin you need to go to plugins and then add new pugin 

Go to the search box of plugins and search for “WP Reset” plugin 

Step 3 – Install & Activate WP Reset plugin 

Step 4. Go to Tools > wp reset

After installing the wp reset plugin go to the tools and look for the wp reset option at the bottom. 

Click and scroll down until you find the below options to reset your website. 

Step – Reset WordPress Website 

Now when you are sure about resetting the entire website hit reset wordpress. And the entire editing, pages, and posts will be gone. 

Now to install the best wordpress theme for your website you can check out our next blog on how to install the Astra theme on your website. 

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